Transform-Now for Rapid Change in your Life

Private sessions are available in person (in the San Diego area), or by phone. In these sessions, subtle energies are balanced to allow for self healing on physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual levels. In addition, relationship and financial areas of life come to flow more easily.
Nanncy also assists individuals who are interested in removing blocks to becoming successful practitioners of energy modalities themselves.
Because Nanncy has studied so many different energy systems, each personal session utilizes a "mix-and-match" of those modalities to provide optimum transformational benefits for the individual.
A FREE, 15 minute, phone consultation, which includes modality recommendations, is offered to help each person evaluate what will best serve his/her transformational needs. Then, if desired, a private session may be scheduled.
For animal lovers, Nanncy is available for telepathic communication. All that is required is the animal's name, age (or an approximation) and sex, plus a picture. The animal's eyes should be showing in the picture. A written report of the "interview" is provided along with recommendations for appropriate flower essence combinations.

Private Session: $130

Three Session Package, Prepaid: $330

(Package available after first session)

Animal Communication: $130

Flower Essences: $20 per combination plus shipping

Special Services:

Soul Clearing: $350

Property Clearing: $130