Transform-Now for Rapid Change in your Life

Theta Healing: Theta involves the reprogramming of life-limiting beliefs such as: (1) I am not deserving of physical healing; (2) I will never find a husband/wife/partner who will love me; (3) Life is hard; (4) Life is lonely; and (5) I never have enough money.

Such beliefs are found held on four levels: (1) Core beliefs are instilled in the subconscious mind from childhood; (2) Genetic beliefs are recorded in the morphic field and DNA; (3) Historical beliefs involve deep genetic memories or past lives; and (4) Other beliefs are held at the soul level.
After the removal of negative beliefs, new beliefs, teachings and feelings are downloaded allowing the body and mind to easily create life-affirming change.

Matrix Energetics: The paradigm of the Matrix uses principles of quantum physics and focused attention to allow possibilities to become probabilities. Techniques specific to Matrix Energetics include (but are not limited to) 21 frequencies and 400 modules, all of which are self intelligent and create appropriate shifts for each person. In addition, the Matrix allows the practitioner to utilize the morphic fields of other energy systems for even greater change in the individual.

Medical Assistance Program (MAP): Each person is connected to his/her own MAP team from the White Brotherhood. (The term "White" refers to beings who serve the Light, and NOT to skin color.) The team is requested to work with the etheric body, which holds the blueprint for the physical level.

EmoTrance: Emotions such as anger, sadness, and worry are accompanied by a physical sensation of pressure or pain somewhere in the body. This sensation is the location of blocked energy, which when released with EmoTrance techniques, allows for the full benefit of any life experience--the enrichment/nourishment/learning that enhances life.

Emotional Release Therapy (ERT): This is another technique for releasing emotional pain with the option of not even having to "tell the story" or re-live traumatic events in order to transform them. Also since many physical problems have psychosomatic elements, removing emotional pain often allows the body to marshal energies to heal itself.

Animal Communication: Through intuition and telepathic abilities, an animal is contacted upon the owner's request. Questions both general and specific may be asked and answered. The owner receives a written report of the "interview."

Flower Essences: These essences, which may be used by both animals and people, work on the emotional level and are completely safe and nontoxic. When the emotions are balanced, spiritual, mental, and physical bodies have an opportunity to come into balance as well. A few drops of a flower essence combination may be placed into drinking water, rubbed on the skin, or placed under the tongue. Recommendations for essence formulas helpful to a particular animal are usually given at the end of an animal (written) communication report.

Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT): SRT works on a soul level to eliminate negative programming. A "program" is the root cause for a problem in your life. It is possible to find causes linked to past life issues, spiritual realm issues, and the creation of the soul itself.

*These processes do not replace medical advice or treatment. Seek a health care professional for medical situations.