Transform-Now for Rapid Change in your Life

Hypnosis and NLP: Traditional and Ericksonian hypnosis, along with NLP techniques, are uniquely blended to foster life changes.

Past Life Integration: Decisions made lifetimes ago may need to be changed for this present incarnation. Old traumas are healed and limiting decisions revised to provide new resources, abilities, and beliefs. This is best done with in-person sessions.

Energetic Restructuring: In addition to clearing negative, external influences, the chakras and body systems are balanced. Physical and subtle bodies are aligned. Astrological and geometrical influences are balanced. Individual concerns are also addressed in this multi-dimensional process. More harmonious interactions between people (relationships) are fostered; businesses, employees, and customers benefit; and the home environment is improved.

Reiki: Reiki energy and symbols are given to the individual, often at the points of the major and minor chakras. The body, using its own wisdom, utilizes these for physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual change.

Healing Touch: This is a biofield therapy that uses a group of non-invasive techniques which utilize the hands to clear, energize, and balance the human and environmental energy fields.

Sacred Magnetics: This modality, channeled from Atlantis, utilizes a super-conductive copper grid, crystals, geometric forms, color, sound and breath to transform negative emotions. Sacred Magnetics is available in face-to-face sessions only.

Toning: Through sounds created by Nanncy herself, old patterns are released, and energy is balanced. This is most frequently done in conjunction with Sacred Magnetics.

Laser Touch: This is a form of psychic surgery done with laser energy from the hands.

Soul Clearing: Many, many aspects of the soul are examined and, where necessary, are brought back as per the Creator's plan. For instance, negative guides are fired and positive ones hired. Soul memory is re-created as it was intended to be. Tears in the Golden Web are repaired, and much, much more. In addition, a soul profile is provided. Many people have found this experience to be life changing as the entire energy field moves to a higher, more harmonious, vibration.

Property Clearing: Many negative energies are removed from a property, portals are closed, and the frequency of the property is raised to make it more supportive of the humans living there.

Access Consciousness: This modality uses a powerful clearing statement to create profound changes. What decisions, judgments, conclusions, and feelings, that are keeping you from the life you want, are you ready to uncreate, destroy, and transform now?

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT): This technique involves physically tapping on the body's meridians while concentrating on a person's issues. This allows the energy to flow freely, clearing any blockages and thus resolving the problems addressed. The procedure is relatively simple, and the person is taught how to continue the work at home.

Yuen Chinese Energetics: Issues are addressed on the physical, mental, emotional, psychological, psychic, and spiritual levels. When the body weakens in response to a stimulus, (idea, fear, belief, emotion, toxin, trigger, etc.) it is corrected and strengthened.

*These processes do not replace medical advice or treatment. Seek a health care professional for medical situations.